VIDEO: Lost Sea Teaser Trailer


Hack and slash your way out of the Bermuda Triangle.


 VIDEO: Inside the Studio With Gavin DeGraw


Gavin DeGraw is back! His new single “Fire” is blowing up, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been 11 years since his hit “I Don’t Want to Be.” “The Insider With Yahoo” correspondent Michael Yo joined the singer inside the iconic Night Bird recording studio at the Sunset Marquis Hotel , where Gavin opened up about his new album, “Finest House: The Best of Gavin DeGraw.” “A best-of album isn’t that what people do at the very end of their career? Are you trying to tell me something?” Gavin also revealed what


 VIDEO: Chrissy Teigen Quits Twitter After Controversial Posts


Supermodel Chrissy Teigen quit Twitter in the wake of her controversial posts on the social media site about this week’s shooting in Ottawa, Canada. Even though Chrissy faced death threats and controversy. Chrissy isn’t the only celebrity who has faced criticism after posting controversial statements on Twitter. Check out this video to see the other stars, and tune in to “The Insider With Yahoo” on TV tonight.


 VIDEO: Katy Perry’s Fashion Evolution


Katy Perry turns 30 on Saturday, and she’s already reportedly celebrating in Morocco with family and friends. “The Insider With Yahoo” is taking a look back at her style evolution through the years. Fashion insider Lloyd Boston opened up about herstyle, “What I love about Katy Perry is that as her career evolved, so did her fashion. Starting around 2009, 2010 we really started seeing her embrace big-name designers on the red carpet, but she definitely kept her Katy quirkiness. A perfect example of this is


 VIDEO: SNTV – Taylor Swift Shines on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show


Taylor Swift may have had a busy few weeks jetting around Europe but the 24 year-old wasn’t slowing down now that she was back in LA. The former Country and Western singer arrived at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Hollywood for a live performance of her latest hit Shake it Off.


 VIDEO: SNTV – Lady Gaga Brings Her Wacky Tour to London


Lady Gaga has travelled the world to bring her Little Monsters the artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour and now it was time to bring her wackiness to London.


 VIDEO: Conan O’Brien Gets Burned by Madeleine Albright in Twitter War


It’s a war of the words between Conan O’Brien and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright – and it’s hilarious! On Thursday, the late night host took to Twitter to joke about his Halloween costume idea. “I picked out my Halloween costume. I’m going as “Slutty Madeleine Albright,” he wrote. Much to everyone’s surprise, the politician fought back with a zinger that had the Twittersphere offering up virtual high-fives. “I’m considering going as hunky Conan O’Brien – but that might be too far fetched,”


 VIDEO: SNTV – Taylor Swift Afraid of Being Framed For Murder


Taylor Swift admits that other than sea urchins, her biggest fear is being framed for murder.