VIDEO: Bailey Buntain Talks ‘Faking It’ & New Lifetime Movie! (2014 MTV Movie Awards)


I caught up with Bailey Buntain at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards! Bailey Buntain talked about the cast of ‘Baby Daddy’ and about her upcoming role in MTV’s show ‘Faking It’. Bailey Buntain also shared her love for high-waisted shorts. Thanks Bailey…


 VIDEO: The Vampire Diaries Episode 5×18 Recap (Craziest Moments)


Kicking off last night’s biggest moments at #3 is Damon squashing any chance of that Delena reunion we were hoping for. Coming in at #2: the passengers have completely taken over Mystic Falls, including the body of our favorite werewolf Tyler….


 VIDEO: Karolina Kurkova Shows Us How Off-Duty Style is Done –– Today on POPSUGAR Live!


Today on POPSUGAR Live, we’re breaking down Karolina Kurkova’s off-duty style! The supermodel has been spotted going from casual to sporty to red carpet in the blink of an eye –– and we like what we see! We’ll also be filling you in on why you should be watching Orphan Black on The Sync Up, listing all the times Johnny Depp played a normal human being, and revealing a Hollywood beauty secret. It’s all on today’s show, plus today’s biggest celebrity headlines, when you click play! And we’d love it if you’d for for us for a Webby Award! Click the logo below for more info:


 VIDEO: Why We’re Crazy in Love With a Beyoncé and Jay Z Tour


With rumors going around that music’s favorite Bonnie and Clyde, aka Beyoncé and Jay Z, may be going on tour together, we couldn’t help but encourage the idea. We’ve come up with four reasons that the Carter couple should definitely make our dreams come true and perform together. Surfboard!


 VIDEO: Alicia Silverstone: “I’m Secure in the Choices I’ve Made”


Alicia Silverstone is following up on the success of her 2011 book The Kind Diet with a new book out now called The Kind Mama. She visited our New York studio this week to talk about the publication and how she confidently confronts those who don’t see eye to eye with her thoughts on parenting. Plus, Alicia spoke about the odds of there being a Clueless reunion ahead of its 20th anniversary next year. On Allie: Black Halo dress and Gap blazer


 VIDEO: Sappy Movie Moments That Melt Our Hearts


Of course we celebrated National Cheeseball Day by eating a ton of cheese. Like the true movie buffs we are, though, we had to pair each of our favorite cheeses with a fine movie to go along with it. Watch to see which of our favorite sappy movie moments truly make our hearts melt.


 VIDEO: Kim Novak Addresses Oscar Night ‘Bullies’ In Facebook Letter


Kim Novak stands up for herself after harsh criticism about her face following her appearance at the Oscars in March.


 VIDEO: SNTV – Kate is Spot on Once Again


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have continued their Royal tour with a trip to a wool farm where Kate reportedly teased Will about his growing bald patch.