Ariana Grande Freaks Out After Kylie Jenner Gifts Her Lipkits for Her Birthday

We all know just how crazy people are going for Kylie Jenner’s lipkits – and that even includes Ariana Grande AND her mom! Ariana recently celebrated her birthday and she was in for a surprise – Kylie shipped her three big boxes of lipkits as a surprise bday gift. Ariana shared a video as she unboxed all of her goodies and also showed a video of her mom wearing one of the shades too.

 Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Attend Khloe’s Birthday Party

Blac Chyna and her soon-to-be husband Rob Kardashian both attended Khloe Kardashian’s birthday party – which comes as a surprised since it appeared the couple were not on good terms with the family. Chyna has featured in several images from the party as she enjoyed spending time with all of Rob’s sisters and they all even shared a few snaps via her social account – one featuring momager Kris.

 Adele Can’t Stop Swearing in Concert

Adele loves to swear – and the singer took things up a notch by managing to fit in 33 swears during her recent Glastonbury 90 minute set. She took to the stage to perform and was just so overwhelmed by how amazing the experience was she couldn’t help but drop a few f-bombs. At one point she exclaimed “this is the best f**king moment of my whole life” in front of the crowd. She even revealed that the BBC who were airing the performance warned her about her potty mouth.

 Winona Ryder Defends Johnny Depp Against Abuse Allegations

Winona Ryder has spoken in defense of Johnny Depp. The actress, who previously dated Johnny, explained that she never once witnessed any violent behaviour during their time together so she has been completely shocked by the abuse allegations brought against him by his estranged wife Amber Heard. Winona commented: “I have never seen him be violent toward a person before.”

 Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Met Each Other’s Parents!

Things between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston appear to be going strong as the couple have now reportedly visited each other’s hometowns and met each other’s parents. Seems pretty serious! The couple have been pretty inseparable since their romance went public and the couple spent some time together in Nashville recently where Tom was introduced to Taylor’s parents. Now the couple are enjoying a romantic getaway in Italy.

 Kylie Jenner & Tyga Back Together, Show PDA at ‘Famous’ Premiere

Despite their recent split – and it had appeared that Kylie had moved on with rapper Partynextdoor, it seems as though the reality star is now back together with her boyfriend Tyga. The couple attended Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ video premiere and were even seen showing some PDA, confirming the news that they’ve probably patched things up. Kylie was seen leaning her head on Tyga’s shoulder and kissed the rapper on the cheek during the event.

 Don’t Forget These Failed Music Career Attempts by Actors

These are the actors and actresses who tried and failed to launch music careers. Some were already well-known for their acting when they decided to release music, while for others it came first before they decided to move into the acting game where they found more success. You probably don’t even remember a lot of these – their music quickly disappeared but lets recap some of those who did try to make it as musicians including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lindsay Lohan and more.

 Harry Styles Officially Signs a Deal to go Solo

Harry Styles is going solo! The news is now official as the former ‘One Direction’ singer has inked a new deal to release music under his own name with Columbia Records – but don’t get too excited. Apparently there is no set time on the deal which means Harry isn’t under any pressure to release solo music immediately so we have no idea how long we’ll be waiting before he drops his first album. Watch this space!